Every year about this time, we all turn into Santa! Can you believe it’s almost time for the Holidays again? I couldn’t…and suddenly I started to panic. I had to start my Christmas shopping–but what in the world is HOT this year?

What are the ideal gifts for my spouse, kids–and of course, for me!

What are the gifts that people everywhere are talking about this year? Are these gifts overhyped…or are they really as good as some folks think they are? What gifts will make even those hard-to-satisfy people on my list jump up and down for joy on Christmas morning?

As a confirmed bargain-hunter (my family’s description of me, not mine), I was pretty certain I knew a thing or two about how to spot the winners in a store full of losers. Plus, I had access to all kinds of reports and research.

So I made it my mission to find the TOP 10 CHRISTMAS GIFTS of 2012 and find out what made them so darned popular this year. And because so many of my friends were having the same problem finding gifts that I was…I went to a lot of work setting up this website that reviews the top choices. So you better enjoy it! :)

Remember, Santa is watching… and guess who has his email address? :)